The business of H.F.Deutscher P/L started in 1904 by Henry Fredrick Deutscher, who purchased the Clyde Engineering works in Hamilton, Victoria. It is still owned by the Deutscher Family after three generations.

In early years we manufactured farm equipment, including stationary engines, chaffcutters, ploughs and a tractor.

One of Deutscher's claims to fame is the fence around the Hamilton Botanical Gardens, which still exists today, and is a model of the tradesmanship of that day.

In 1924 the Business moved to Ballarat and went through some tough times due to the recession and the War years. After the war the firm started making posthole borers for drilling holes in farm fence posts and in the early 1950's started building mowers.

Now after fifty years of manufacturing mowers, the firm continues to manufacture a range of commercial self propelled mowers and ride-on mowers.

Our main customers are Government bodies, hire companies and contractors as well as many private users who appreciate quality products. Most of the mowers are sold throughout Australia although we export to many countries around the globe, from South Africa to Papua New Guinea.

Today the business has a modern manufacturing facility in Ballarat with CNC Lathes Machining Centres, Press shop and robot-welding equipment.

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